Banana Ice Lollies

During the holiday’s I’m always amazed how much my children can eat, it seems like every five minutes the children are chasing me around the house for another snack. We do have a snack tin in house and sometimes its far too easy to let the children help themselves, especially when I have a house filled with children from my home day care. In my house I need to be organised when it comes to the holidays so I thought I would make some lollies for the children that are healthy and (so far have been) mess free.

banana lollies

These ice lollies are super easy and have gone down a storm in our house and here’s how we did it. All you need is Yogurt, fruit dried or fresh, lollipop sticks and banana’s.

  1. Cut a banana in half and place the lollipop stick in until they are half way up the banana.
  2. Dip each banana into the yogurt and place on a plate or tray covered in tin foil.
  3. Sprinkle each banana with your choice of fruit and place in the freezer for 2-3 hours then they’re ready to eat.

Not only are they quick and healthy banana lollies are a great way of encouraging children that may be fussy eaters to eat their fruit.  Another great idea is using them as a pudding for teething babies, they work a treat!

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