Blogtober: A Letter To My Future Self

note to self

Dear Adele,

Congratulations you finally open your own Reggio nursery, it’s been a long time coming and I’m sure my now Hubby’s fed up of hearing about it and looking at his never ending list of jobs. Managing your own nursery has always been a dream and I can see it’s worked wonders for your motivation and drive. The fresh air has certainly taken years off you ;0)

You’ve been married now for nearly 20 years! Gone fast hey?! I can see that your still madly in love with James and feel safest when your in his arms, it’s amazing how after all these years he can still make all your problems go away with a cuddle. Make sure your taking some time out for just the two of you, book a spa break for the weekend you must remember how much you both love those right? Especially the hot tub!

How are the kids? I see G followed her dream to work with animals and who knew she would combine it with her love of photography and art. Moley on the other hand wow you always knew he had it in him for great things and good on you and James for encouraging him to aim big, he will go really far! Its great to see Jock is into his sports and trying out so many clubs at school. Just keep an eye on that home work.

It’s lovely to see how well things have turned out for us. I cant wait to see what the next ten years have to bring but for now make sure your having that me time, relaxing when you can and above all make sure your kiddies know your there for them always.


your younger self.

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