Blogtober: Favourite Photo Posted On Instagram


I’ve spent a while flicking through the different photo’s I’ve taken on Instagram, My Bessie Club account is quite new so it’s not quite so hard. I tried to find one which really sticks out to me and I think the one which I would say is my favourite so far would be the one below.


Let me start by telling you how much I love this picture. It’s clear, vibrant and I love the detail in the petals and Bubble bar. It’s one of those photo’s that make me smile when ever I scroll past it.

The next thing I love about this image is the petals sprinkled at the top of the photo. These were brought for me by a special little boy I have looked after for a long time and he has also become my little Jocks best friend. Every day I looked after this little buddy of mine he would bring me flowers and he brightened up my day. These petals were special though as they were given to me on his last day and I will always keep them.

The products in this photo Were brought during a shopping trip with my 10 year old G. She has just started to get into having mum and daughter time where we go for hair cuts or shopping trips with her pocket monkey. So this photo reminds me of a shopping trip to Lush with my big girl, smelling the bath bombs and watching demonstrations. It was a lovely day and some thing I have been looking forward to doing since I had children of my own.

Who Knew there could be so much behind a Instagram Photo.

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