Blogtober: Funniest Childhood Memories

When I think back to my child hood I have so many happy memories. I have three sisters and two sets of parents so I never should have felt lonely.

45806_10151502368749595_891441852_nMost of my funniest memories would have been shared with my sisters Gemma and Lisa. We would do many crazy things together, worm fights in the garden and making perfumes to sell to our parents. I remember we had a great love for performing. It was not unusual for us to put on whole plays which we would spend weeks if not months playing in time for Christmas and we would do these each and every year.

The funniest of our performances would have to be our QVC show. I think this was quite a new channel when I was younger and my step mum enjoyed watching it or just having it play in the background. So When we were feeling a little bored of playing with toys we would put on our own QVC shows selling items from around the home.

Now I have a feeling that some of these may have been recorded so I am going to try and get a hold of these to add to this post and to share with you all because I think it would be great to add, however if I cant I may have to get Gemma over to re record one instead!

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