Blogtober: Nutella Mud Cake

Today’s prompt for Blogtober is to share a favourite Fall recipe, after a little think I thought I would share with you a recipe I enjoy using for some quick comfort food which is like is perfect for Autumn.

Nutella mud cakeYou’ll need:

1 egg

5 table spoons of plain flour

4 table spoons of Nutella

1/2 tea spoon of baking powder

2 table spoons of unsweetened coca powder

3 table spoons of caster sugar


Simply add all the ingredients one at a time and mix as you go.

Cook for 50 seconds in the Microwave (800 watt) and leave to stand for 2 minutes.



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  1. That looks amazing!! What is caster sugar by the way?

    • Adeleadmin

      It is a fine sort of sugar which doesn’t sit heavy in the cake. Thanks for popping by

  2. This seems so simple and quick to make, I may just give it a go! xxx

  3. I have heard of this mug cake but with chocolate. Nutella sounds even better. Though I seldom let myself eat stuff like this, I may have to try it on a day that I take a really looooong run!

  4. My daughter loves to do some baking so I will be sure to send her this recipe. There is ALWAYS nutella in this house.

  5. Oh man this looks so delicious!! I’ve never made a mug cake before because I’m afraid I’d do it too often 😉

  6. ursulamball

    Oh, I love these “cake in a mug” recipes :)


  7. Love some sweets, would love to try this and the fact that you can microwave it is even better. Quick fix for the sweet tooth

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