Blogtober: My Best Halloween Memory

Last Halloween would have to be my favourite…so far.

My children are now getting older and I find that when it comes to special times of year they are able to take part so much more. Last year was the first for us to throw a Halloween party for the children and they all loved second of it.

We started off the day by organising some activities for them, I was working this day during the morning so the party consisted of a few party games which would suit children aged 2-10 years old. 10419565_720755221311761_1805759584138747621_n

Earlier in the week we visited the shops and the children each choose their own pumpkin. During the party we set up a decorating stand for the children to paint and adorn their pumpkin with glitter and sequins. I know, I know it’s not quite as exciting as carving a pumpkin but when you have 8 children there is no way they would stay put at a table long enough to carving 8 pumpkins. The children loved painting them and gosh did they use a lot of glitter.

We also put out lots and lots of toilet paper so the children could wrap each other and the adult as mummies or play bowling with ghost bottles and a pumpkin. 10615497_720755081311775_6177182747308288200_n

In the afternoon we finished off the day by taking the children to the theatre to watch ‘Room On A Broom’. This was great even Jock who was not even two at this point sat beautifully to watch the show.

So that’s what happened on my best Halloween so far

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