My Dream Dining Room

Leaping into a change of job has given me the opportunity to change the play room into a dining room. We made the change before Christmas and ever since I have been desperate to put our own mark on the room and redecorate or at least furnish the room.

We live in a rented home so unfortunately repainting is not an option and I must admit with the staircase being in the dining room this doesn’t bother me at all, well not too much. If I had a choice I would strip the textured wall paper and paint the walls white to lighten up the room. Instead I have been focusing on the furnishings and I am especially keen on a colour theme of white and grey where as I think hubby would like white and black. Being the women of the house hold and holding the purse strings I think we will go with white and grey :). I’m also debating a deep purple after seeing some beautiful canvas pack in Sainsbury’s and this lovely swatch.


My plan is to replace our table which a dark wood alternative to fit 8 people for entertaining friends and family on special occasions. I would then cover it with a cloth as ours is covered in so many marks I’d hate the same thing to happen to the new one.  I love the table below but I’m not sure the room could cope with a black table.



We currently have a shelf which add as a sideboard which I would like to replace with one in a darker idea as I’d love a space where I can stick some deep purple flowers on display. I think this dining room with a have a luxury warm feel to it  but as the down stair is completely wooden floors I’d love a giant Purple and grey rug similar to this one from next.

I’m sure there will be plenty more accessories I will want to add along the way and once the dining room is finished I will write another post on the finished look.

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