My Goals For 2016

Happy New Year everyone!!

This year is set to have some big changes for me. After 5 years I’m changing my job and returning to running a day nursery. Ever since I left to take care of my children I have been regretting leaving my nursery job but made the most of staying at home with my children while they were little. I was lucky enough to recently notice a new nursery opening up near our home and job at the chance to work there. The company have been kind enough to support me in every way they could and fingers crossed this will be the change I need to get me back into the job I loved.

goals 2016

I have many goals this year and in many different parts of my life so I’m hoping I can cross a few of these off by the end of the year. So here it goes, my goals for the year:


Build my social media accounts to 3000 followers each.

Manage 2 blog a week and 1 vlog

Brave a tutorial

Buy lighting

Attend a blogging event

Work with a charity


Indulge on a shopping trip

Get down to a size 12

Start my degree in Early Years

Nail eye liner

Find the perfect lippy

find a style I’m happy with for my hair


Have a weekend away with James

Take the children away for a nice holiday

Start making plans for our 10 year anniversary

Get the children booked into swimming lessons

Get the children Christened


Furnish the lounge and dinning room

Add raised beds in the garden

Organise the boys room

Redo the front garden

DO you have any goals set this year? Or may be you have some advice on how I can meet mine?

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  1. Congratulations on the new job! Sounds like a great opportunity. And you’ve got a busy year planned! It’s a great list, I’d actually like to achieve most of those myself. I’m heading to my first blogger conference in June (Blogtacular) and I’m so excited! Do you have any events in mind?
    Adele x

    • Adeleadmin

      Thank you! I have not had a chance to have a look around yet but Blogtacular was one of the events I would be interested in as I’ve heard great things!
      Adele x

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